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Cancellation Policy

About Our Cancellation Policy

Cancellation, Booking Modification, and Extenuating Circumstances Policy

  • Guests can cancel or modify their stay up to 7 days before check-in (shown in reservation details).
  • If Guests cancel within 7 days before check-in, they will be charged a Late Cancel Fee of $500.
  • If a late cancellation is a result of an Extenuating Circumstance (as defined below), you will not be charged a Late Cancel Fee. 


Reservation Details

Check In: 4:00pm CST Wed, September 15th 

Check Out: 11:00am CST Fri, September 17th 

No Fee Cancel by: 4:00pm CST Wed, September 8th 

Cancel Between 4:00 pm CST Wed, September 8th and 4pm CST Wed, September 15th  results in a $500 Late Cancel Fee.

Booking Modification

  • Guests can modify their stay one time up to 7 days before check-in (shown in reservation details).

Extenuating Circumstance

An “Extenuating Circumstance” is any of the following circumstances, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of Stay Bungalow:

  • Unexpected changes to government travel requirements, including changes to visa or passport requirements imposed by a governmental agency, or restrictions that directly affect you and make your travel to the Accommodation Reservation or the Experience Reservation, as applicable, impossible; or
  • A declared emergency or natural disaster, including an epidemic or pandemic as determined by CDC, which directly affects either your location of origin or the location of your Accommodation Reservation or Experience Reservation, as applicable, and makes your travel to such Reservation impossible. 

Please refer to our Terms of Service for additional details.